Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All those things at the top- I'm not so good at them.

And that is why I'm going to chronicle my attempt at them here.

I'm about to get married to the Dane, at which time I will gain a little 3-year-old Danette approximately half the time. That happens in 11 days.

We have a house, a really cute, cottagey one at that. We started to fix some of its, er, shortcomings last summer and fall. An October accident landed the Dane in the hospital for 2 months, and that's been the end of house progress. So now drain-o and leaky faucets are part of the daily routine, and I hardly notice the test colors I painted on the living room wall last September. It's true; you really can get used to just about anything.

Luckily he's mostly better now. Better enough to get married, at least. But unfortunately not better enough, or not better soon enough, to have kept his job through the course of his recovery. Whoever hearkens back to the days of being a poor, struggling young couple as a wonderful time of learning needs to come visit me and bring along cash, check, or any form of certified funds. Appreciate it, thanks.

So here I am, an about-to-be wife, bonus-mom, and an already lady of the house who has been so consumed with caretaking, wedding planning, mowing the grass, and keeping her head above water that the transition back to normal life and normal, household-y things is a lot overwhelming. Add to it that after a few years of traveling the world and living by myself, those things weren't really natural in the first place, figuring out how to do all of this stuff well, or least passably, is feeling like another full-time job. Did I mention that don't cook?

So here's to being a poor, struggling, fly-by-night fledgling matriarch and the ensuing adventures sure to come along with it.

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