Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Thirty,

You’re finally here, and only half unwelcome given the final day of twenty-ninedom I had yesterday. An all but torturous visit to the DMV (in which I threw a borderline tantrum [but a friendly one] that had the entire waiting room laughing at me), my car AC suddenly spewing a mysteriously fishy-smelling smoky substance (insert gag reflex here), and a bike wreck (actually, “wreck” is far too glamorous; “stupid-tipover-fall-followed-by-an-embarrassing-slew-of-cursing” is much more like it) that broke a part on my bike and left me with a weird bruise/welt at just the right place to conjure up the illusion of a saddlebag. So thanks and good riddance, 29, for going out with the kind of bang that has me ready to embrace this new decade. You kind of sucked anyway, besides the getting married part.

Oh, thirty. What will YOU have in store for me? And thirties: what’s on your agenda?

Here are 30 things on mine:

1. Get a job that I like. In the field that I desperately want. You know who you are, you elusive field that will allow me to work for myself and from a coffee shop. I’m a-coming for you.
2. Get our finances back on track, and then relax about finances. Live far within our means so we can give, entertain, and travel more.
3. Find a church that we like. We’re not optimistic about this, but we’re going to try. We had a great conversation about true community with some friends last night. We all want it, but how/where do we find it?
4. Fix our damn sink.
5. Write more. And have a plan for doing so. This is where you, one dear loyal blog reader, might be called on for some accountability. Today is the first day of my 30s, and I’m working on setting some realistic goals for the next year in this area.
6. Family/bambinos? Ehhhh…thirties, I’m leaving this one up to you. Ball’s in your court; surprise me.
7. Traaaaavel. Get over to Denmark hopefully before 31 hits, and the sky’s the limit after that.
8. Make/find/nurture stronger/truer/more enduring female friendships. Quit neglecting to pursue those relationships and then whining that I have no girlfriends in town.
9. Finish a 100-mile bike ride in one piece. Without crying.
10. Continue to grow and live more local and green. Just ordered these little lovelies yesterday.
11. Have a strong, loving, and successful marriage. Support and encourage my husband even in the worst of times.
12. Stop wasting time on people.com. “I wish I knew how to quit you.”
13. Find a way to keep from having to move from our house if/when we start to outgrow it. Home addition gods, are you listening?
14. Plant some wildflowers in our yard. Like, ones that I won’t have to water.
15. Go a whole month without eating annnnyyyy processed foods. Like these people just did for 100 days. I think we could do it; I really do.
16. Be a good- no, GREAT- bonusmother.
17. Wine country. Or wine regions of other countries. Or crap, just drinking more good wine on my back porch will do. I’m not picky.
18. When I can quit working for one nonprofit, start volunteering for another.
19. Learn to sew.
20. Actually sew something.
21. Mark off 10 more states from my list of those I haven’t visited (I’m at 24).
22. Get my horse-riding mojo back. What used to be a primary part of my identity has waxed and waned over the last few years, and it leaves me with a hollow feeling when I let myself stop to think about it.
23. Pray more.
24. Continue to learn more and more and more about Scandinavian design and incorporate more and more and more of it into our home.
25. Get a quiet, Goshenish-type place of our very own (no doubt this will be in my super late thirties, if at all), and then spend massive quantities of time enjoying it.
26. Go on a real, bona fide snow skiing trip with the husband.
27. Have more than one loyal blog follower, though the one is more than enough. :)
28. Take my parents on a nice trip, since they’ve 100% funded every family trip we’ve ever been on. Even the one 3 weeks from now.
29. Be sought after for a job. I know, this is somewhat frivolous and self-centered, but wouldn’t it be so flattering?
30. Cross out this list so that at 40 I can start fresh, with a nice, blank slate.


  1. Your 30's sound divine. You can do it. How can you not write, travel, Goshen, drink wine and love more of life? This, yes, I will keep you accountable for. In the mean time, we'll take turns meeting each other on back porches with glasses of wine in tow...if only via technological advances.

    Happy birthday dear friend. 30's are more than they are cracked up to be. I wish I were there to fall equally hard and embarrassingly so with you.

    Love to you.

  2. So nice to find you and I am SO with you on #22!! I was just thinking that this morning! Strange!