Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ride in style.

images via YAKKAY

Since I love all things Scandinavian (having a Danish husband tends to do that to you), and I love bicycles (albeit am sad that I don't have the kind of tool-around-town bike that these are meant for), I can't help but share the new discovery that I stumbled upon in comments related the bike accessories posts on Design*Sponge last week.

They're by a Danish company called YAKKAY, and there are helmets hidden under that cuteness, btw. I wouldn't just post hats that strap onto your head unless they had some kind of innovative, dualistic functionality, now would I? But isn't fun to think about picking out a helmet that has some style? Now I just need to live in a place where I can bike to work and around town. Riding along Alcoa Highway just doesn't cut it.

Oh, and if you check out their website, do notice the lack of its/it's typos. Yes, that's thanks to me. I emailed the president of the company last week to let him know of some errors, and he actually wrote back thanking me and fixing them. Score for grammar. Now if someone will just hire me to do that full-time...


  1. You're kidding me. He didn't hire you after that? The least he could do is send you a freakin super cute helmet. Your mad grammar skills are not to be taken lightly.

  2. yeah i KNOW. a helmet or a job would have been nice, huh? some people are just sooooo ungrateful.