Monday, October 18, 2010

10 reasons i like bicycling more than running (or walking)

1. low impact, low impact, low impact.

2. breaks. you know, when you go downhill. these breaks fool my body into thinking that i'm not really exercising, which is what gets me to continue to do it. ah, trickery.

3. bigger numbers. i can clock way more miles...which gives me way more satisfaction. and makes me feel athletic, which i am not.

4. it's social. unless climbing a hill, i can hold a meaningful conversation without fighting for breath. if i tried that while running, it would totally betray my aforementioned unathleticism.

5. it's anti-social. in the sense that when you're approaching another cyclist or a walker or runner, you're going so fast that there's no social pressure to say hello or even make eye contact if you don't want to. a head nod is fine, and you get to avoid those awkward "do i say anything?" moments.

6. need for speed. it's fun to go fast and feel the wind in your face. a little dangerous, but fun.

7. exploration. the best rides are on those roads with little to no traffic, which by and large, are those roads i didn't know existed ( there a correlation there?).

8. it's the one situation in which i feel totally okay with wearing spandex. that's got to be worth something, right?

9. it's the one situation in which i feel totally okay with donning apparel that contains butt padding. i call them my "junk in the trunk" shorts.

10. it's motivation to think/eat/be healthier (in addition to the obvious- that it's exercise). if i'm gearing up for a long ride, i'll stay on top of eating well and being hydrated, cause if i don't and can't finish a ride, not only will i be embarrassed, but i'll be stuck out in the middle of BFE with no way home.

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