Thursday, October 28, 2010

oh people. fickle, fickle people.

Hmmmm...October's not looking too good for posting/writing after all.

I have about 1,687 things to do at work and cannot find the motivation to complete a single one.

In addition to the general malaise in the office, I've been battling a cold/sinus infection this week. Like just about everyone else I know. I'm feeling somewhat better today so am forcing myself to go on a [light] bike ride today after work, even though I don't have much energy for it. I will prevail!

I am becoming obsessed with Mad Men. Where have I been all this time? Love, love, loving this show. We're only on Season 1, but it's soooo good. You know it's good when the first episode makes you cry, and when you hate what a character is doing but sympathize with them at the same time. And Donald Draper is hot. Just sayin'.

So somehow I picked up on this story about the Marie Claire blogger who wrote about watching fat people on TV the other day. And I got curious, so this morning, I read it (um, really insensitive) and then did a little browsing on the internets to explore all of the backlash.

So sure, everyone's entitled to their opinion, and yeah, there are things I'd rather spend my time watching other than people (regardless of weight) getting it on. But the sad thing to me is that this chick has gotten slammed in the comments and by other media outlets. As of right now, there are 1907 comments on the post, almost all of them just downright mean. Right, right, it was her decision and mistake to put it out there the way she did. Not to mention the fact that it was a terribly written article. But really? Those who are criticizing her for being an insensitive jerk are turning right back around and saying the most horribly horrible things to and about her. People are calling for her job, ripping on her appearance, and going out of their way to vilify her however possible.

So let's talk about being insensitive and inappropriate for juuuuust a sec. Remember, like, a minute ago, when that whole bullying media blitz happened in response to the student who committed suicide? We humans have such a short and selective memory, don't we?

I don't see how this is much different. Do the situations vary? Absolutely. Should she have thought twice (or three or four times) before she hit "publish"? Most definitely. Is she above reproach? Not at all. But boil it all down, take all of those mitigating factors away, and we're still dealing with a people-bullying-people-bullying-people cycle (if that makes any sense)...all aided and abetted by the facelessness of technology. Isn't it easier to be mean when you're hiding behind a computer screen instead of looking someone in the eye?

I'm not sure how I would fare being the target of 1907 people plus The View plus a hundred zillion others. And I hope that somewhere, from someone, she's getting some positive affirmation that it'll all be ok. That wherever she is and whatever she's doing, that she has enough sense to know that this too shall pass. People got pissed, yes, but no one died. Besides, we're all human, and we all make mistakes, no?

But if she turns out to capitalize on this as some kind of publicity stunt, I'll be left to totally eat my words (split infinitive, I know). Don't do that to me, Maura. Don't you do it.


  1. ok. love rants. love them. i agree. and if i ever have nasty comments for you i will drive my way to your beautiful doorstep and tell them to you, you've converted me. as a wise woman once said, "preach it sister, preach it."
    also, what's an infinitive and why did you split it?

  2. hahaha! i just love you.
    an infinitive is "to eat" and you're never supposed to stick another word in the middle like i did- "to totally eat." but...sometimes we're used to speaking that way and so it sounds more normal...and rules are made to be broken, yes???
    oh, and please, PLEASE drive yourself to my beautiful, peeling-paint doorstep whenever you please.

  3. i love "totally eat." it gives character and depth. it tells a story. i am very glad you split your infinitives. maybe you should contract yourself out, doing it for others who are scared to:
    "Will split infinitives whilst making yogurt on a bike."