Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So I've been at my workplace for about 4 years. Two years ago, I moved into the office I'm in currently, and I purposely didn't add any personal touches to it, because by that time, I'd already gotten into this decidedly-hating-my-job-phase. And I didn't want to put any extra effort into making comfortable somewhere I didn't want to really be in the first place. And, btw, that whole phase thing doesn't seem to have been a phase. Or at least not one that's going anywhere anytime soon.

Today, I was looking at my blank, stark walls for the first time in a while. Of course I'm in my office every day, but you know how that goes when you're somewhere all the time and you stop really seeing it.

And I got to thinking, maybe I should do some sprucing up. Not as a sign of resignation, defeat, or complacency, but on the off chance that this is one of those times where the second you give in to something, everything changes. So like, in my head, it will happen that I put some effort into decorating my office, and then right afterwards, the job of my dreams will swoop in and everything'll change for the better. And then I'll look back and laugh about what a coincidence it was. Because it seems that so many times, it's only when you give in (or trick life into thinking that you gave in) that change comes. Right? RIGHT?

And with all of that said, now I'm off to peruse the Internets for decorating ideas.

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  1. Exactly. Phenomenal idea. That's exactly how it works. So, what motif are we thinking? Anthro meets Danish design? Or the classic "Perseverance" poster with a sweaty man climbing a hill??

    Ps. Love seeing new posts from you.