Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend's end

or week's beginning, depending on how you look at it.

weekend recap: we finally finished our dining room table (pictures to come), and i picked up my knitting needles for the first time in almost 2 years (how can it have been that long?). we play-dated and trick-or-treated twice with only one fall on a sidewalk that resulted in a skinned knee, bloody nose, and my proclamation that with blood smeared down the front of her costume, she was now a tinkerbell that nobody would mess with. that seemed to ease the pain a little.

that much of being social tends to wear on me, so i'm craving some alone time, which will most likely come in the form of planting pansies and pink sedum in the yard after work today. and reacquainting myself with knitting. first project up is a cowl scarf...and I am so excited to discover the Ravelry website. Genius.

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