Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I accidentally poured vanilla coffee creamer in my cereal this morning. And I ate it. Because I hate wasting food. It was semi-disgusting, but on the upside, I am still full and not even thinking about lunch at 1 p.m.

I am flaking out on work; it's official. This morning I slept in til 9:15 and didn't even care. Then I came in to the office and realized that I still don't care, especially because no one is here, and I have work that I can do from home, so I'm doing it. Going. home. Also, for some reason there is a screaming baby that has been in our lobby since 10 this morning. It's chaperoned, but very loud. Which makes work very much more difficult indeed.


  1. why is there an infant at red cross? is it giving blood? is it from new orleans? haiti? am i totally offending someone yet?

    vanilla coffee creamer, huh? which cereal? that makes a big difference. i mean, are we talking fruity pebbles...?

  2. cinnamon life. it wasn't that bad when i pretended it was vanilla almond milk.

    i have no idea about the baby. seriously, this dude and his baby were sitting in our lobby for 3 hours. he actually rearranged the furniture so he could sit in front of the tv.