Friday, August 19, 2011


- I've been at my job for just over six months now. Not notable. I had my six month review though, which was great (though the official term for how it went is "satisfactory"), which means I got a (small) raise! Notable.

- I went away, to Scandinavialand, where there was a lot of jetlag, eating, drinking, and all-nighters, in that order. And I saw places like this:

this, driving through Norway.

And got to go to a wedding at this 800-year-old church. yes really.

It was a busy but in a way peaceful trip. Little was left to me: husband had every day planned with meeting family, showing me where he grew up, and then once we got up to Norway, there wasn't any darkness and time and all sense of schedule seemed completely suspended.
A great trip and a nice break away from the daily grind.

- My new favorite is the outfit blogs. Regular people taking pictures of what they wear on a daily basis. It's gotten me to pull things out of the closet that I've rarely (or in some cases never) worn because I wasn't sure how to wear them. Frivolous but fun.

- Maybe I'll get back on the blogging train. Maybe.

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