Friday, September 23, 2011

coveting (rooms)

We have a wood ceiling in what we call our Great Room, which is where we spend the bulk of our living (i.e. non-sleeping) time. It's a wonderful room, an addition to our cottage-like home that was built by a music professor to serve as his music room. We have defiled it into being our TV and lounge-around space, though it does house our piano which I tinker on very occasionally. At any rate, back to the ceiling. It's wood and vaulted, and it's pretty, but unfortunately the color of the wood is of an orange-tinged variety, which doesn't bode well for the whole clean/peaceful/serene look and feel we're after. So, upon polling the audience (which has been far comprised of a certain someone's Scandinavian friends and family), the verdict is that we should paint the ceiling white. I'm all for the change and am choosing not to think about the fact that once it's done—hell, once we even start it—we're committed and stuck blessed with it forever. I really do think it will be lovely when it's done though, and looking at rooms like these certainly boosts my confidence that we'll be happy with the change. 

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does this mean I should paint the floors white too? {via pinterest}

 Maybe I'll try to put up some before photos of what we're working with (the orange wood in all its glory) soon.

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  1. stunning. you, your blog, and your new blessed ceiling. love.