Wednesday, September 28, 2011

officially fall

because today's the first day i'm wearing my fall boots.  Best purchase I made in Amsterdam, hands down. 

I did get lost on the way back to my hostel after I bought them though.  I was wandering the streets, alone at night, which isn't so bad when you're on the main shopping street with tons of people bustling about.  But a few wrong turns and suddenly I was wandering the streets, alone at night (with my many shopping bags), in the Red Light District.  Yes.  Scariest thing ever (along with depressing and a tinge fascinating, I'll admit it).  I wandered my way right out of there as quickly as I could, hearing my mother's shrill voice of concern about me traveling solo in Europe echoing in my ears.  It was worth it for the boots, though.  They've walked me across the pond and back (several times over) and aren't being retired anytime soon.

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