Tuesday, June 26, 2012

eat your veggies

I've been long thinking about how to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, and as I've learned more and practiced more with my own gardening, my interest in local/organic food has been growing steadily. How can I support local business/farms? How can we eat more organic and nutritional foods without breaking the bank? Something about eating foods that are local and in season really resonates with me (and not just cause it's trendy), so I started researching CSAs. Through a local blog I found one that looked like it'd be a good starting point for our little family. So one day while eating cheetos—yes, really—I bit the bullet and signed us on up. We pick up every Wednesday from our farmer's market downtown, and nerdy as it sounds, it's a little bit like Christmas for me, going up to the booth to see what's in my box each week.

Our week 1 share, pictured above, included:

Romaine Lettuce
Summer Squash including a coool white one that looks like a UFO a patty pan
Several cucumber

From the garden(s)
Swiss Chard
Sugar snap peas
Assorted herbs
Summer squash
At Work (yes, we have garden beds at work!): more cucumber

And here are some of the things we made:

Roasted chicken; salad w/ swiss chard, arugula, romaine; peas, cucumber, tomato (store bought), olive oil/mustard dressing

Pasta with shrimp and sauteed kale

Omelet w/ arugula, kale, onion, garlic, tomato, yellow squash, topped with parsley from our garden

Homemade pizzas (of the Jim Lahey variety): one of my favorite things to make. So easy, and so good. One with tomato sauce, one with bechamel sauce. Both topped with mozarella, roasted garlic, kale, yellow squash, cauliflower, broccoli, basil, thyme. Pepperoni on the tomato one to appease the husband.

Romaine & arugula salad with cucumber, tomato, and a greek yogurt/dill dressing. Pasta w/ sauteed squash, broccoli, leftover bechamel sauce, and canned salmon.

Leftover/unused: some arugula, romaine, kale, the patty pan, and the potatoes. 

A lot of meals were leftovers and/or eggs and toast. It was a rough week for us on the health front. Kid was sick Monday/Tuesday, husband got sick Wednesday (the day we picked up our veggies) and ran a fever until Saturday. So some days, I was essentially just cooking for myself. Once he got back to feeling good on Saturday, I thought we were in the clear. I'd gone on a 30-mile bike ride Saturday morning with my dad, and then I'd come home and mowed the grass that afternoon and gotten my first ever of my life bee sting. That sucker hurt. I wasn't feeling great Saturday night...I never really felt those endorphins kick in after the long ride like they usually do, but I blamed it on the bee sting and the Benedryl I'd taken afterward. And then I woke up on Sunday feeling like I'd been hit by a truck and with the fever to prove it, and I hardly left the couch all day. Nasty little bug we've had.  Anyway, yay for leftovers.

I'd say we've definitely eaten more veggies this week, than well, maybe ever? It's a LOT to eat between two people (who typically are meat and starch junkies) AND a kid who's extremely picky and not even with us full time. But we press on, and I'm working on creative ways to incorporate the veggies into things we're already used to, like pasta and stir fries...in addition to finding new recipes. We are not wasters, though we'll have to start giving away cucumbers soon. Finding ways to use all of these lettuce varieties is at the top of my list. Looking back at the first week, I'm kind of excited that we are way under our meat intake, because meat, I mean, come on. So expensive. I could do away with all of it except chicken and fish 2 or 3 nights a week, but the mister isn't so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Moreover, the day after our pick-up, I trucked it to Earthfare and did some comparisons on price, and we definitely came out on top through our share vs buying organic from the store.

Stay tuned for week 2...

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  1. nice job! i definitely need to sign us up for a csa! all of you green thumbs are so intimating... you and j will probably be running a csa in no time. you'll be "those" people...