Friday, September 28, 2012

Not that I am the hugest fan of going to baby showers right now.

I'll be honest: I attend with discretion. An invite from someone I don't know well, e.g. the wife of my husband's friend who we've only hung out with once as a's kind of a no-go for me right now. But the shower of a good friend from growing up who struggled to get pregnant, isn't a shower person in general (like me!), and loves the simple things? I'll be there with bells on. Her registry was pretty slim (she's just not really into "stuff"), and I wasn't sure what to buy. But you know when you see something and it just makes you think of someone, and you know it will be perfect?  That's what happened when I spied this guy. Natural, organic, and in the shape of a giraffe. Is there anything sweeter?  In general I love the whole shop, especially the wooden snowflakes


  1. So sweet!! And this girl sounds like a girl after my own heart anyway - one who doesn't like tons of stuff. Oh, and seriously, the wife of your husbands friend who you have only hung out with once? Umm...tacky to invite you anyway. (But that's just me. I should write a whole blog post on baby showers but I'm afraid I'd offend so many people. I basically didn't want one at all my first idea was to take the girls out who had walked with me through IVF and just get them margaritas to thank them for all their support...but a few people insisted so I did have some but was very tight with who I invited. Then a few people have asked about having one for this pregnancy and I gave a FIRM no. Shower for a second baby?? Umm...just no.) Thinking of you girl.

    1. Hahaha! Glad to know I'm not alone in this! I didn't even allow my parent's group of friends throw us a wedding shower except for one smallllll one with 10 people, a simple lunch of moms and my best knoxville friends. I like your approach on the baby ones too. You should totally write a post on this!