Tuesday, July 2, 2013

week 14 baby update

written 3/23/13

We have a lemon this week! Whaaaaat?

I've continued to feel well, for the most part, though I did succumb to a 24-hourish stomach bug again this week. Same thing I had in week 6 or 7.

Aside from that, I started working out again this week, finally. It's been hard not feeling like doing anything except moving from couch to bed to office chair. I am really fortunate that my work has an exercise room complete with weights, exercise and medicine balls, yoga mats, a flat screen, and a pretty extensive collection of exercise DVDs to choose from.

I do feel more relaxed about how this is going on the whole. The hiccup for me this week was telling my coworkers and employees. Really putting this pregnancy out there to those beyond our inner circle of close support did cause me a little anxiety—I really still struggle with the idea that something could go wrong and having people I don't know well know about it.

I could have waited another week or so to tell (maybe two, if I was lucky) since I'm still not really showing, but then two other girls at work announced their pregnancies this week, and they were 2 and 5 weeks BEHIND me (12 and 9 weeks). That was kind of the tipping point, I guess, where I had to let go of the fact that yes, something bad could happen, but 1) it's really not in my control, 2) the odds are that everything will proceed just fine at this point, and 3) I'm going to have to spill it sometime, and so it may as well be now. So I did, and people were pretty surprised, which I have to admit, was kind of fun. My overall strategy though was to tell my employees (6 of them) and a few other people I'm close to personally, and then strategically tell a few others who are talkers and would spread the word to other departments around the building. So far, the plan seems to be working.

Other than that, I'm just counting the days until our 16 week visit and keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be able to get us in for an ultrasound, and maybe
 find out the gender. It's really hard to believe that we could find out so soon. I'm thinking girl, maybe because that's what everyone and thei

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