Tuesday, July 2, 2013

week 16

I skipped writing in week 15, so onto week 16, written around 4/6/13

Went to the Dr at 16+1 day and found out that we're having a GIRL. I was surprised. Not because I had any particular feeling that it was a boy, but because EVERYONE we know had guessed it was a girl, and so I think a big part of me was just surprised that they were all right. :)  More than anything, I think it just made this whole thing suddenly that much more real, and now I feel like we're moving from the "I can't believe I'm pregnant" mentality into the "Yay I'm excited I'm pregnant!" phase.

Feeling great. Still getting the hang of sleeping. I can fall asleep easily on my side but always wake up on my back. i got one of those super weird pregnancy pillow things for $20 at a discount store, and surprisingly, it's pretty good at keeping me on my side.

I'm up 4 pounds since my 12 weeks appointment. Ok, so i think it's more like 3 pounds based on what the scale i use at work says. My Dr. was kind of wishy washy about it. She said that thin women usually gain really slow or really fast. Not sure what she meant by that, or if she meant anything by it at all. I didn't gain anything in the first 12 weeks though, so I'll take a 4 pound overall at 16 weeks as pretty ok.

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  1. baby! still so surreal. and really really good. you look gorgeous as ever.