Tuesday, July 9, 2013

week 19

Written 4/26/13

Tuckered out this week, as shown in the picture. Just ignore my face. And hair. And $5 Old Navy dress that my husband says looks like drapes at an old lady's house.

On the bright side, the church retreat was fantastic. Walking in the door to a box of wine at the sign-in table gave me a pretty good first impression of the vibe of the group. Even though I couldn't drink it.
I don't have real symptoms to speak of, other than wanting either very sweet or very salty things (why discriminate?)...and being pretty sure that I've started to feel movement. Little tap-taps here and there. My doctor did tell me that it might not be until later that I'm really sure about it, because the placenta is anterior, meaning on the front, so those kicks will have to be stronger to be felt through the cushion that the placenta is providing.

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