Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 20

Halfway, which hardly seems possible. We had our big 20 week appointment, where we had another ultrasound: the big "anatomy scan." We were told once again that the little one is indeed, without a doubt, a girl. All was well as far as her organs and parts go. I feel like getting that all out of the way and knowing that there's nothing glaringly wrong is now giving me more license to truly move on from the lingering worries to a place of true excited anticipation. We even saw her little diaphragm moving in and out, simulating breathing, which is totally normal but just not common to catch on this early of an ultrasound. Weight gain was around 7 or 8 pounds at this appointment.

We've started talking about names. It's important to find something Danish that isn't "too" Danish, i.e. that can be easily spelled and pronounced. We'd love it to be a family name, if we can find something that fits the bill.

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