Friday, July 19, 2013

week 30

At this week's appointment, I was up 18 pounds since this whole thing started. Crazy. I've definitely felt my appetite uptick this week, too. Over the weekend it seemed like I'd get hungry 2-3 hours after lunch. Like for another meal, not a snack. And a few days at work I've had to break into my lunch at about 10:30 in the morning.

As of this week, I also really feel the pregnancy hormones coming back. I finally came to this conclusion after a few crying spells and overreactions over little things. Some of the same dizziness that I had constantly in my first trimester is starting up again, too. I guess it's to be expected that I would actually start to feel pregnant again at some point after such a blissful 2nd trimester, no? So I'm really trying not to complain.

In other news, just working on making room for baby. We've gotten the crib, a swing, a bouncer, and a travel crib. I have a grand total of ONE newborn onesie (which was free from an H & M giveaway). Maybe it's time to start thinking about dressing this child...

And we found a ceiling light for the nursery, courtesy of JCPenney (who knew?!?). Doesn't it scream Scandinavia?

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