Saturday, July 27, 2013

week 31

Heeeeey, nausea and dizziness. Thanks for coming to see me again. Ugh. Mornings have gotten rough. I'm hoping it's just hormones and not due to anemia—I've been chowing down on red meat and leafy greens, so I'd be surprised if it were the latter.

We hit the mountains over the weekend to escape the heat. I had a little bit of a hard time relaxing at first; it just seems like I have so much to DO in these last weeks. I walk around my house every day and no matter what state it's in, all I see are projects. Or things to throw away, which I've done quite a lot of this week. I guess this what they mean by nesting?

Little girl is hanging out on the right. How bizarre it is to look down upon my lopsided stomach. I'm really curious to see at our 32 week ultrasound just what position she's in and what body part of hers is causing this right side bulge. Since the bulge is a little higher than my belly button, my hope is that it's her butt and that she's already head down, or at least in working in that general direction.

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  1. mountain pictures are beautiful. not many more weeks left...