Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weeks 11-13

Written 2/27/13-3/19/13 with no pictures to show, because, well, I just looked the same.

11 weeks

Still exhausted, but a lot of my other symptoms (dizziness and food aversions) are lessening. Super thankful for that. All in all, I know that I haven't had THAT bad of a time, compared to how bad it could really be. The thought of throwing up, especially in the work bathroom, well, makes me want to throw up. So I'm glad I was spared having to contend with that.

Got my first round of maternity clothes. I'm not having to wear them yet, but oh my, the maternity jeans, so comfy. Why don't they just make all pants like that?

Weaned off of the progesterone this week, and already can tell a big difference, even though it's just been a day or two. The nurse at my OB office had to pick her jaw up off the floor when I told her the dose I was on; her response was to say, "you haven't been working, have you?" and then comment on how exhausted I must be. Um, yes. So that was at least affirming to hear that I haven't been a total baby about this whole thing.

12 weeks

We had another ultrasound (our 4th, so lucky!) as part of the nuchal translucency screening. I was nervous about this ultrasound, but not as nervous as I had been with the others. In the back of my mind still lurked the "no heartbeat" fear, but as soon as the tech got little baby on the screen, we could see the heartbeat right away, and I started to relax. It was pretty wiggly but stubbornly refused to get in the right position for her to take the shots of the NT. After 20 minutes or so of mashing on my uterus (awkward), turning from side to side, and a trip to the bathroom, she finally got what she needed—and I was, naturally, thrilled that we got the extended screen time. Since I had googled every ultrasound image known to man to familiarize myself with what they look for in the screening, as I watched her mark the measurements on the screen, I knew that they were well within the normal range.

We met with our Doctor afterwards, who confirmed that everything looked normal and that we would have the results of the tests in 5-6 days (they combine the u/s with bloodwork to check hormone levels). We actually know this doctor—her daughter is on little S's soccer team, and so she was asking if we wanted to find out the sex (resounding yes...although I really admire the people who wait to be surprised, I like my surprises sooner rather than later) and said that when we come back at 16 weeks, she'd see if she could squeeze in an ultrasound so we wouldn't have to wait til 20 weeks (the normal protocol for this office) to find out. So that was pretty exciting.

The body this week is still hanging in there. No weight gain at my 12 week appt, but my pants are getting less and less comfortable, and you'll be lucky to see me in anything non-stretchy unless I'm at work. I'm definitely eating more though, so I know that I'll start picking up the pounds here soon: I'm hungry about every 2 hours, much to my amazement. In fact, it feels like all I do is eat. I'm all over Crystal Light these days, and generally only drink that, plain water, or milk. And the aversions no longer have the power over me that they used to.

We go to Charleston for a wedding next weekend, at which point I'll be 13.5 weeks. So excited and ready for some sunshine (hopefully), the feeling the sand between my toes, some R & R, and oh yes, delicious food.

13 weeks

I felt pretty good this week. Baby is up to a peach.

We went to the beach as planned, and for the first time in a long time, I really did feel like some activity. The change in scenery no doubt helped fuel my motivation, and so a long walk on the beach really was a treat (nevermind that the chill that had me wearing three layers of clothes over my swimsuit—I was just excited to wear my swimsuit in March).

My energy was up for most of the week, and that weekend, I made it through all of the wedding festivities with flying colers. I also ate my weight in shrimp, grits, and hushpuppies. I was really able to kick back and enjoy this week, I think because of the trip away, plus just coming off of a good ultrasound. I've also been enjoying more quality sleep than I have been in past weeks, which of course never hurts one's general well-being.

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