Tuesday, July 9, 2013

weeks 22-24

I seem to have forgotten to say much about weeks 22 and 23, though most of those two weeks were filled up with traveling. First, a work conference, which I have no pictures from except for one from a meet-up with my friends (it was so sad that I couldn't help polish that pitcher of Sangria off):

Week 23 was spent up in Virginia at a family reunion for my mother's side of the family. Again, not a picture except for this one:
All that traveling was fun, but tiring. I got back and hit the Doctor for my 24 week appointment, at which it was shown I'd gained 6 pounds (!!!). Which I contest to be more like 4 pounds considering what I was wearing that day, but still. All of that eating I'd done on my trips definitely didn't go unnoticed. See Exhibit A:

Look: there's something in there!

A good report from the Doctor though. Baby's heartbeat was right where it should be, and everything measured fine. So now I just wait until the dreaded glucose screening test at my appointment next month. I'm still feeling great and really, really enjoying this second trimester. It's like a vacation from all of the tough parts of pregnancy.

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