Tuesday, July 9, 2013

weeks 26-27

Written 6/12/13-6/25/13

Have felt better the last two weeks: more energy for sure (though my lack of exercise would suggest the contrary). Thankful for this as I round out the 2nd tri, that bit of a slump in week 25 made me wonder if it was going to be all downhill from there, but luckily not. Still on the up and up.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, not too much, really. Still having some back pain, but I've switched chairs at work several times and have one that I can make it most of the day through now.

I am enjoying being able to fill out a bra for the first time in my life, and I've even embraced wearing a bikini instead of covering up with maternity swimsuits (my disappointment in and disdain for which deserves its own post). Other than that and my usual sleeplessness, things are trucking right along.

I've pretty much finished my registry (although I'm a big cheater: my whole strategy involved going finding other people's registries who are currently pregnant now and copying bits and pieces from theirs, as well as this post and the comments on it really helped), and then followed the advice of a family friend, which was to register for everything and know that you can always return things. So I figure that's just what will happen.

We're working on organizing/purging our upstairs to make way for the flood of baby stuff that we'll be getting in the next few months. A new buffet for our dining room is taking the place of a chest of drawers that's come up to our room to give us more drawer space, which will allow us to clean out one of the closets in the nursery (there are 2 teeny tiny closets in there, the other of which will continue to house J's hanging clothes). We still have a lot to do, but it'll all come together eventually. I need to find a lamp, and ideally a new light fixture (the ugliest ceiling spotlight monstrosity is there now), and my mom is going to help (and by help, I mean singlehandedly) paint/refinish the guest room dresser to end up looking something like this:
or possibly along the lines of this:
 or even this:

Other than that, I need to find a rug, but that's falling pretty low in the priority list for now.

I go to the Dr. on Thursday for my gestational diabetes screening test. Funny how the timing has lined up so well with intense sugar cravings, hmmm? So I'm trying to keep the ice cream at bay for a few days. I've also been baking danish rye bread and have making as many whole wheat choices as I can for a while now, so I'm feeling like I've at least done my due diligence, so we'll just have to see what happens.

In other news, we started our birthing classes. Even after signing up for the Bradley class, I've continued to think about my motivations and expectations for the birth, and I think one reason the more hands-off/laid back approach wasn't sitting right with me was because of all that I learned through dealing with navigating multiple hospital systems and surgeries in the weeks and months after J's accident. Bearing that in mind, it made my laid back attitude, while in some ways I think a plus, in other ways seem like a huge mistake. I remembered back to those hospital days with Johan and how so much anxiety and powerlessness I felt in that situation, and that I was always having to play catch-up on medical decisions and terminology in addition to managing all of the stress and emotions of the situation since it was so sudden and unexpected (as motorcycle accidents tend to be). What I wouldn't have given to have had some preparation for that time...and even though I know that J's care was great, I also know that I was a kick-ass advocate and had I not found the, uh, assertiveness to question everything and do a bunch of research as medical information was presented to us, our experience (especially with his stroke) could have turned out much differently.

So having lived through that and now being presented with a hospital stay with months of advance notice, for us, it didn't feel right to sit back and go with the flow, when we've already lived through an experience from which we know the value (and sometimes necessity) of being armed with information, knowledge, and most often, just the balls to ask the right questions. I understand that many people take a totally different approach, and that's fine!

All this to say that we went to our first Bradley class, and it was great. There are 3 other couples in the class, so it's small, and the girl teaching it is a doula. Granted there was one relaxation exercise that gave J a fit of the giggles, because it just seemed kind of hokey and unnatural, but other than that, we were pretty happy with the vibe of the class and the information we'll be getting. We talked mostly about the various tests offered in the third trimester (like Strep B), and it's just good to know about the things we'll be encountering soon. Next week we talk about all of the induction drugs (which I'm hoping to avoid!).

I forgot to take pictures these weeks. Which will probably mean that next week's picture will have me looking significantly larger...

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  1. I cannot explain how I happy I am for you and Johan. This prized baby is entering into the most deserving of parents.