Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year

I'm still ruminating on a resolution. It will likely have something to do with getting through these days of mothering and working, and trying to be more gentle amidst the chaos of it all. Oh, and simplying, living with less, is another thing I've been pondering lately.

I've never known what this little blog really is supposed to be. I still don't. For now it's just a place to document and visit and write when the mood strikes in whatever form fits the moment. Today, it's some pictures of a pretty good way to turn the page on a year.

A sleeping babe = enjoyed champagne. 


 an epic picture. friends who enjoyed the party perhaps a little too much. yours truly was lucky to make it to midnight.

another commissioned work by the one and only silvia. i'd say that $70 for a painting at age 7 is somewhat ridiculous, if it weren't so good.



14 weeks. melts me every time.

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  1. so sweet. loved seeing you are your newest bundle of cheeky joy. love, love, love.