Thursday, July 31, 2014

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At 10 months, her baby fat is just starting to ebb away. We still have a while before it's gone. I don't know how I'll be able to handle that.

Can we talk about her hair? We've long been in the land of clips and bows, but we're just now transitioning to the world of pony tails. Though they typically don't have too long a life and are hard to get in because someone never stops moving.
I don't know if there's anything better than seeing your child happy. It about knocks me over, every time.

And she's still so little that these tiny, short-lived moments of non-happiness are mostly cute. Mostly. 

She's still all about what we lovingly refer to as her jumpy-jump, aka the best $20 we've ever spent. 

Teeth are cute. Teething, on the other hand...
Other bits of business: crawling at 7.5 months, and just in the last few days now barely doing a little teeter totter stand on her own. I feel like she'll be walking in the next month or so.
 Sleeping has gotten so. much. better. She goes to sleep on her own, super easy. Our bedtime routine consists of pjs, nursing and/or a bottle, and then crib, paci, and I'm out the door. No frills. It's amazing. Which is insane considering what a hard place I felt like we were in with this only 4 months ago.  Perhaps we paid our dues for a while.
We're making progress with eating but all in all have a kind of sort of picky eater on our hands. I feel like that, but maybe I'm just comparing her too much to other babies who seem like vacuums. I'd say she can be a pretty good eater, just largely inconsistent, but I just let it go and remember the milk-is-the-primary-nutrition-for-a-year thing, so on the days she ends up not eating well, no stress. 
Which brings me to the breastfeeding business. Still doin' it. But using formula to supplement, I'd say we're at about half and half, maybe more like 60/40 formula to breastmilk more recently. She hit her 6 month growth spurt and blew through half of our freezer stash in like a week, and two weeks or so after that I had a 4-day work trip and knowing that there wouldn't be enough milk, we had to bite that formula bullet. This is another topic for another day, but for me, it was actually a huge, huge relief to start supplementing. I didn't realize how truly exhausted and worn thin I'd become (not to mention totally mentally consumed by the ball-and-chain of pumping and working and eeking out every last drop). Yay for science, that's all I'll say for today.
Anecdotal story: We had a tornado warning the other night, so up I went to wake her up and bring her into our 3 x 6 bathroom downstairs, our only safe room in the house. This was at about 8:30 and she'd been sleeping since about 7, and I actually thought that maybe with the lights low she'd stay asleep. Well, no. Silly me. She got wired and basically thought that hanging out in the tiny bathroom was right up her alley, and then, she slapped me hard on my chest. So I quickly realized that the definition of fun on a Tuesday night is definitely NOT being held hostage in a gnome-sized bathroom for 40 minutes with a baby who just figured out that slapping you makes a fascinating sound. 
In case anyone was wondering.

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