Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My kid's feet are wide. Extra wide.

No attempt at literary value here today—just a little something about a very first-world problem I have: what does one do when their little girl's foot measures a 4 EXTRA wide? I mean, I knew her feet vaguely resembled 2 x 4s (well, more like 2 x 2s) and that not one of the hand-me-down shoes from friends we've gotten have fit — like a Cinderella stepsister, we tried to cram some baby feet into those proverbial glass slippers. But it wasn't until a desperate trip to the mall Stride Rite for a real, live measurement that I realized: oh, our options are going to be faaaaairly limited. At least that's what the Stride Rite lady said as she brought back 2—TWO—shoes to choose from that came in a 4XW. In the whole store. We ended up getting the navy ones up top because they were better looking of the two, which is really saying something. I kind of loathed them until I realized they were the only shoes I could get on Ingrid's feet without breaking a sweat, and then they didn't seem quite as bad, but that's a poor way to score points, I do believe.

So the question remains: is there some secret society of cute wide baby shoes that I'm missing? None of my usual go-to blogs or searches are turning up anything in the way of wide baby shoe round-ups, and these 3 are the only ones I've been able to find that are somewhat decent. I love the red Clarks, but they're only in a wide, not an extra-wide, so we'll have to order and see if they fit the offending block feet. Again, first world problems, but first world suggestions are welcome.

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