Friday, September 19, 2014

A few things for the weekend

I've been obsessing about MIT's breastpump hackathon. Why, oh why, did this not happen a year or two ago? But maybe I'll be able to reap the benefits if and when there's a next time around for us and babies (hopefully, there will be!). I can't wait to see what these pump-hackers come up with...pumping can't get any worse (or louder, or more time-consuming, or more bovine-esque).

I've been thinking a lot about simplifying lately. This post got me thinking a lot about toys, play, and quality over quantity. We did alright with this concept for Ingrid's birthday but on the whole are more still more awash with cheap, noise-making plastic than I'd like.

25 Women on Childlessness: I found this to be really, really interesting. And challenging. We're all on our own paths—and they're each worthy of respect and celebration.

I've been following the comments on this discussion on...comments. :)

Coffee + Crumbs is a site I've really been enjoying lately. Yesterday's post on being good enough really got me.

Pictured above: my favorite place, our family summer cabin near Lexington, Virginia. Really wishing we'd been able to get up there one more time this year before the cold comes.

Happy weekending.

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