Monday, September 29, 2014

cake, and some party animals

Initially, I wasn't planning much for Ing's first birthday in the name of keeping things low-key. But about two weeks before, I started to get this maternal feeling that I'd regret it if I didn't at least go to a little trouble. So I scoured the internet for ideas, bought her a birthday dress, and off to Target and craft stores I went.

I made the below birthday crown, loosely based off of this tutorial with a few adjustments of my own. She wore it for all of 2.5 seconds, which I guess I should have expected. But still, crafty, no?

I also made a strawberry cake from scratch, which turned out really well and looked cute to boot, but this is the only photo I got. Amateur. I know.

I did a simple cake topper out of gold cardstock for Ing's baby cake.

Which she didn't like at all.

For decorations, I got some of the Oh Joy! line for Target. The medallions I was really struggling with how to hang, but I had another idea up my sleeve. I spent way, WAY too much time on this to get such terrible pictures, by the way. I pulled down our dining room gallery wall (normally housing Danish sketches and oil paintings from J's family) and brought down Ingrid's nursery pictures, Sharon Montrose's Little Darlings. Ingrid loves these guys. Part of our bedtime routine includes saying goodnight to all of the animals, and she just grins at them no matter how sleepy she is.

After struggling and struggling over how to incorporate the medallions, I realized I could just forgo them as full circles and affix them to the frames as partial circles with a hot glue gun. So I sketched out the arrangement and then went to town.

It's by no means perfect, but overall, I quite liked how it turned out (note the Danish flags: verrrry important component of all celebrations in this here household).

Oh, and? If you're going to have party animals, they should be wearing hats. I made them out of felt and pom poms and hot glued them straight on to the glass. Because EASY/peels right off—and there's not much more important than that.

I have to admit, it was fun to have these in our dining room for an extra few days before putting the old paintings back up—I almost didn't want to switch them back! It's nice not to take life so seriously sometimes, right?

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