Monday, September 8, 2014

coming up

We have birthdays in the house next weekend: Ingrid's, then mine. I keep forgetting mine, though I feel like it's a little bit of a big one, entering what I consider to be my mid-30s and all.

We'll do a small, family celebration for Ingrid, which while I keep telling myself is really no big deal, then I found myself at Target buying their whole party decoration department and at the same time started looking up how to make felt birthday crowns, SO NOT ME. Really. I don't know, I feel a little/lot awkward about trying to be crafty and festive when normally I'm nonchalant about these kind of things, actually downright neglectful of those kinds of details usually, and so I partly look in the mirror and don't recognize myself. But she only turns 1 once, right? And thus I'm giving myself a break and some creative/crazy maternal license here.

In other news, I'll travel for a conference two nights this week, so the pressure to finish all of these first birthday spectacular preparations is on. But I have the help of a trusty 7-year-old assistant in my midst, so I think we're good, though right now we seem to be making a mess and adding to the chaos more than anything else.

But I do step back and wonder: this is my life? In the midst of working, mothering, and having a s%*$ ton layer of dust/dog hair on everything in the house and the 5,000 other things that need doing, I'm spending my time planning birthday decorations and cakes and organizing the mass production of tissue paper flowers. And so I shake my head, laugh a little, and then pick up another pipe cleaner. 

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