Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Well, we did it. We all survived the first year. And then some, really.  But I'm learning, learning all the time. You know those super special important days you want so badly to make perfect that you stress out and almost ruin everything with your Type A-ness? No? Just me?

Luckily, stepping outside and taking a break from bday festivity prep (read: cleaning house/baking cake/putting up party decorations/keeping up with Ing) quickly righted all of the wrong in my world. I mean, even my grouchiness was no match for watching the girls play together and seeing Ing do some big girl stuff. Seeing her in the little red car for the first time (mine from childhood!) and ride a tricycle with her sister—it's like she grew up in the span of a day.

But I'm really not going to wax sentimental about it, because while it would be easy to mourn the passing of her baby days (though to be clear, I do have my moments), with every new day, I love more and more seeing the little person she's becoming. How she's revealing herself bit by bit. And let's be honest, that she's sleeping like a champ (usually 7p-7a!) and we're done nursing? Sorry kid, but you couldn't pay me enough to go back to those exhausted zombie days. I'll take your toothy grin, pigtails and neck-hugs instead.


  1. How cute is she?? Lovely pictures.

  2. That cute face...just made my entire day. Thank you for sharing your adorable girl to the world :)

  3. A bit late, but not any less sincere.... Happy Birthday to a sweet one year old. So glad to see that you're feeling better and looking forward to each day.