Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days: Reflection

I saw something about the 31 days challenge a while back, did a little research, and decided I couldn't do it. Too hard to choose a topic, not enough time, life is crazy enough as it is, and about to get crazier (in a good way) with my MIL coming from Denmark in 2 weeks. Not a great time to take something additional on.

Only...then, today (like an hour ago), I saw someone else post about this 31 day writing thing, and here we are. Apparently going to go for it.

You choose from a list of categories and then you come up with your own specific topic to write about. In my case, my topic isn't going to be so specific but more just a category within a category. When I was thinking about how to choose, my mind kept coming back to writing and how writing, for me, is really all about pausing, putting everything down, and quieting my mind. And from there a lot of things happen: mostly some sort of self-discovery or epiphany, or by and large, a coming in to gratitude.

And so the word I kept coming back to, my not-so-specific category within a category, is REFLECTION.

I don't know how this will go or what this will look like. I imagine that each day will vary from a few words to a picture to a story. I really have no idea what I'll write about—how I'll choose to pause and reflect—next week, much less tomorrow. And being the realist I am, there will be days when I'm trying to put something together in the midst of a fussy baby, an ornery 7-year-old, and getting myself fed and clean (like tonight) and I'll just write and hit publish and not look back. I'll also probably give myself a few freebies for when life and weekends happen, or when it looks that whatever I'm writing, to get at the heart of reflection, may take more than a day to get just right. And that will be ok.

So this is Day 1, and here are the rest:

Day 2 // On writing: A story from Kazakhstan

Day 3 // 5 minutes, just writing 

Day 4 // Muscles

Day 5 // On post-nursing bodies

Day 6 // Reflecting on the right now: a list

Day 7 // Miracles 

Day 8 // Portrait of an IUI 

Day 9 // the 5th accident day

Days 10–13 // work, on this space

Days 14–15 // noodles in the bathtub 

Days 16–17 // a few things from this week

Days 18–20 // on sleep(lessness): 6 tips for insomnia

Days 21–23 // going to Allume


  1. LOVE your blog button!! I think your topic is sweet. It gives you room to publish something (anything!!!) on your blog every day. I have this long list of things I want to write about this month, I'm keeping it nearby for the days when I run out of steam.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping it will give me the latitude to write about any number of things.