Monday, October 6, 2014

reflecting on the right now: a list

Here's something a little lighter on a slow, rainy Monday:

Making // Butternut squash soup. I sort of doubled the recipe since I had two butternut squashes on hand, but I only had half the sweet potatoes it called for, so I threw in some red ones. Still divine.

Drinking // Water. Lots and lots of it.

Reading // Middlesex, for the second time. This book club inspired me to pick it up again. It's one of my all-time favorites.

Wanting // A good night's sleep tonight (two words: teething baby)

Watching // The Voice, just started Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and we're on season 7 of Dexter (scary!)

Longing //  for us to find a way to get out of town this weekend, even if only for the day. Watch out mountains, it just may happen. I would love to get up to this little place:

Enjoying // The slow ushering in of fall

Eating // eggs and avocados, every day

Loving // my new ankle boots. It took a while, but I finally pulled the trigger and bought them over the weekend.

Hoping // to complete some organizing around the house before my mother-in-law arrives next week (for 2 and a half months. But no worries, this is a very, very good thing; I only want to organize so she won't wear herself out taking on somewhat senseless and miscellaneous but very much appreciated projects, like spending 2 days cleaning our oven, complete with soaking our oven racks
in a special cleaning concoction for 36 hours, I sh*t you not).

Needing // some distraction over the next few weeks

Feeling // a little hormonal

Wearing //A birthday sweater at work, these pants at home.

Noticing // the words and ideas for blog posts starting to flow (knock on wood, anyway)

Excited about // a work trip I just booked for next month in New Orleans. I've never been!

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