Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Growing a Family on Design Mom

I'm delighted to have Ingrid's birth story featured on Design Mom today! And completely honored. This was actually the first time I've submitted a piece of my writing anywhere and so I may or may not be a little giddy and have gone a little fangirl when Gabrielle wrote back accepting my submission. I mean, gosh, you know?

So head on over there to read it.

And if you've wandered over here from there, welcome! I hope you'll take a look around. I write a lot about motherhood and a bit about trying to get through the hard things in life...with a healthy dose of baby faces added in for good measure. I'm so glad you're here!



  1. Her birth story gives me shivers! SO beautiful! I'm glad you were able to share it on Design Mom- how cool is that?!