Monday, November 3, 2014


Ah, November.

You're shaping up to be a busy little month in our household.

And at a time when I'm particularly needing a breather from the day-in, day-out routine of work, play, eat, and trying to get some sleep, I couldn't be more excited about all that we have going on this month.

First, I'll be taking a few days off of work in the next few weeks for our friends' yearly visit from Denmark. They come every November, a whole lot of 'em, and I've fondly coined this as the annual Danish Invasion. It's fun, the kids run around like crazy, and this year, we'll be up in the mountains for the bulk of the time. I'm looking forward to some nice, cozy, slow quality time.

Then, immediately bumping up against our out-of-country visitors, I leave for a business trip. To New Orleans! Somewhere I've never been but have been dying to get to. I got to attend this same conference two years ago in San Francisco, another place I'd never been, and now to the Big Easy? Yes, please. So I'm officially open for recommendations of things to do, especially places to eat.

And then there's Thanksgiving, and then it's December. But first, there was Halloween, and I have about 74 pictures of a blurry moving cow looking something like this:

Until we visited her bookshelf and finally succeeded in taming the wild cow enough to capture a more docile moment, I was seriously pulling my hair out. In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just pick her up and hold her for a picture. Rookie mistake.

Other than that, I've seen a lot on my IG feed about the Q Women event in Nashville today. It looks so good—several of the speakers I just heard at Allume, and another, Allison Vesterfelt, is a writer/writing coach who put out a great ebook, Writing to Find Yourself, a couple of months ago. How I wish I could just be a professional conference-goer now. :)

I hope to check back in later this week with something of a little more substance (maybe?, maybe not), but for now, I hope your week is getting off to a smooth—if not stellar—start.


  1. so cute. i love new orleans, we probably went a dozen times this year. where will you be staying?

    1. just off canal street, close to the river, and back and forth to the convention center for my conference. give me a list of places to go!