Tuesday, November 25, 2014

where I've been (NOLA!) and some photos, dumped

There are many things I am. But a good blogger may well NOT be one of those. 

I didn't mean to take an almost 2 week break here. It snuck up on me, really. My post went up on Design Mom (still, such a thrill), and the day after, we were set to go up to the mountains to spend time with friends who came from Denmark.

So we did, and it was great. Cold, but great. 

Then, I had to rush home a day early to catch a flight to New Orleans for a conference. On the heels of several days of little sleep (Ingrid didn't do so well at night up in the mountains), my grand plans for getting in mid-afternoon to NOLA on Sunday, early enough to do some exploring, were thwarted by both traffic from the airport and my own exhaustion. 

Other nights were spent with colleagues, and while there was a little room for exploring, it wasn't nearly enough. Conferencing during the day always ends up taking so much more out of me than I plan for, and I always forget that by my next work trip. And by day 3 of this trip, I was really just missing home and feeling like I either needed to be back, or I needed to have my family there with me.

But: I will say that the little bit I did see and eat and drink of New Orleans was wonderful, and I'd love to get back there on a more play, less business trip. 

The beignets ought to be illegal, actually.

And, I'm really not a big drink photo poster, but behold:

The funny thing is that I can basically count the number of liquor drinks I've had postpartum on one hand. Three of those were on this trip. That little one right there? My new favorite: the Sazarac. So good, I can't believe I never knew about it!

And now, back home, I've just been playing catch-up on both the work and home fronts. Much more enjoying the home front, I might add.

[That time she pulled a car back onto the road with her bare hands]
 [liking her hat tilted JUST so]
[my MIL's definition of a "simple" dinner in front of the TV. I mean, what?]

[the very next day, she crashed into a table, gashing her forehead and getting a black eye. sigh.]
And so that's what's been going on here lately. Good, busy things, but things that make it easy to get caught up in the day-to-day...so that to say, I sure am looking forward to enjoying a few slow, lazy, thankful days later this week. I hope you are too.

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