Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 // 2015

A few 2014 standouts:

Going from maternity leave back to work, and figuring that out (a work in progress).
The end of breastfeeding, 51 weeks after I started.
I went to a blogging conference.
I actually blogged some!
Ingrid's birth story made Design Mom (I promise I'll quit talking about that eventually).
I became an aunt!
I took more pictures than I've ever taken, 99% of them of Ingrid. Sorry not sorry.

back at 5 months old: she was so little!  (:

And a coupla things for 2015:

A job change: my current project runs out of grant funding in August. We may get re-funded, but even if we do, it'll be with a different agency. If we don't get more funding, then I'll be looking for another job, which is super scary to say. So change is on the horizon, and I hope to navigate it with trust and faith that it will all work out. It always does, right?

Travel/vacation: we took a few long weekends here and there this year, mostly to the mountains. I feel like we're due for a real vacation this year. This may be a trip to Denmark to see all of my in-laws, which would be amazing. But I'd also be really, really happy with a simple, low-key trip to the beach this summer. Regardless, I feel like we're due the kind of trip long enough for us to actually decompress.

There's a list a mile long of things I can improve upon (like finding a way to keep our house from looking like a war zone), and I could list them all here, but for what? For me (and probably a lot of you) part of the struggle with resolutions is to keep them realistic and attainable. The truth is, I'll be thrilled if we can get all of our Christmas decorations down by mid-January, and I'll be over the moon if I can just clean out my two bedroom closets by March. Keeping it realllly real, folks.

So I guess my New Year's resolution isn't as much of a resolution as it is to keep on the path I'm already on. One of being kinder to myself and my family, of seeing the world through the eyes of a sweet little one, of letting the little things go and keeping the big things in perspective.

Have a happy new year!

p.s. Hoping to do something along the lines of this today with our 8-year-old. 

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