Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the yard for the weeds

These girls, here lately—

She isn't much one for crayons, but she loves pencils, and darn it all, she holds that pencil just like they teach you in school [insert bawling emoji].

We're full of little moments around the house. The days and weeks tick by, and I'm slowly learning to just go with the current most of the time. Coming into motherhood I think has forced my hand on that. Because in the midst of sickness (in addition to the umpteen ear infections, we've had a celiac diagnosis in our house, which is so, so crazy and overwhelming) and things breaking (I'm looking at you, car trunk door) and dripping faucets and my dill that keeps trying to die, we have girls that hold hands and climb things and are obsessed with sunglasses. I posted a pic on instagram yesterday and almost called myself out for the weedy yard—flowerbeds riddled with crabgrass and creeping charlie at the moment—and then I caught myself and asked WHY be self-deprecating? So I wasn't. Simple as that. Our yard has soccer balls, bubble bottles, painted rocks and a lot of laughter, and now we have an ice cream truck that comes down the street at 4:30. And yet: there will probably always be times where I struggle to see past the weeds. But not yesterday. And not today.

Well, there's your free write on a Tuesday. Plus, we're getting a puppy tomorrow. WHAT. Maybe he'll pee on the weeds? :)

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